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Roofline Terminology


Roofline – Roof – Rainwater  Pictorials

It’s amazing what you can knock up when you’ve an ‘A’ level in Microsoft Paint! 

Roofline Terminology

Who knew that there was so many parts to a Roofline installation?

ESSEX-FASCIAS-ROOFLINE-DIAGRAM-1-1024x790-700x539 Roofline Terminology

Roof Terminology

If you are wondering what the difference is between a Bargeboard and a Fascia board, then we shed come light on it here.

Answer is that they are exactly the same, except when fitted horizontally, they are called Fascias and when fitted diagonally, they are known as Bargeboards.

ESSEX-FASCIAS-ROOF-TERMINOLOGY-700x264 Roofline Terminology

Rainwater Terminology

If you dont know your running outlet from your offset bend, to your union, this diagram might help!

ESSEX-FASCIAS-Rainwater-Diagram-1-1004x1024-392x400 Roofline Terminology