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Picture[s] of the week

Okay, there’s just a little background story here… 

Last week we attended a house with a missing PVC Bargeboard – it had fallen off in one of last weeks windy days. On inspection, it had only ever been held on/up by 5 nails, 2 of which hadn’t been banged into anything it seems and another 2 had been nailed into rot, leaving just 1 fixing. When I asked the lady, when did she have these fitted she said about 14 years ago!!!

Sadly did not take a picture of that Bargeboard, but thought of it today when I was reconstructing a box-end which was pretty rotten. I had to replace quite a lot of the material that I was attaching this to already but made myself laugh as we’ve never had any of our work fall off – count the fixings – and this could be why? 

ESSEX-FASCIAS-picture-of-the-week-768x1024-400x533 Picture[s] of the week

Previous Picture[s] of the week

This week we’ve been working next door to someone else who was having their Roofline worked upon. This time I won’t post a picture of our lovely looking Boxends but here are a couple of images of the neighbours! 

Once again, it’s a case of – if you’re looking for a cheaper job, yes of course, you can have a cheaper job and this is what you get…

Absolutely love the extra little bit of bargeboard and every joint being crooked with saw marks clearly visible, the way the Boxend has mastic on the edges and the bargeboards does not, meaning that before the mastic was applied, the Boxend must’ve looked even worse than it does now. Also love the total Integration (not) of the aerial cable and if you can just make out on the front soffit, somebody has cut a square hole for a round PIR movement sensor, again nice integration!

But lastly going back to my favourite feature, the two – part bargeboard, people reading this might think, why such a large chunky bargeboard and there are two answers to this, first one being that the whole installation is an over clad, they haven’t even bothered to take off any of the old materials and secondly because that’s all they had with them and they couldn’t be bothered to cut it down to the correct size.