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Picture of the week

Okay, there’s just a little background story here… 

Last week we attended a house with a missing PVC Bargeboard – it had fallen off in one of last weeks windy days. On inspection, it had only ever been held on/up by 5 nails, 2 of which hadn’t been banged into anything it seems and another 2 had been nailed into rot, leaving just 1 fixing. When I asked the lady, when did she have these fitted she said about 14 years ago!!!

Sadly did not take a picture of that Bargeboard, but thought of it today when I was reconstructing a box-end which was pretty rotten. I had to replace quite a lot of the material that I was attaching this to already but made myself laugh as we’ve never had any of our work fall off – count the fixings – and this could be why? 

ESSEX-FASCIAS-picture-of-the-week-768x1024-400x533 Picture of the week