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Price Rises

Please don’t shoot the messenger!

Essex Fascias along with the rest of the home improvement industry are experiencing PRICE RISE after PRICE RISE after PRICE RISE.

The cost of living is undoubtably going up and buying plastic is not immune from this process.

And there I was on Friday night, explaining to one of our potential customers how PVC-u is made from resin and this is in short supply world wide. I was suddenly aware that the more I explained to him the price rises that we have endured, the more he might think that I was making an excuse just to charge him more. 

This could not be further from the truth. We have to remain competitive whatever the price and every plastic business is in the same boat. But it did make me think I might list these price increases and so they are below.

Whilst people do not want to read about this particular subject, hey it’s only a couple of 3 – 5% rises isn’t it?    NO IT ISN’T 

Suffered, endured or just experienced these then are the price rises we have had over the past two years with the last 3 particularly affecting the financials.

2021 +10%
July 2021 +13%
November 2021 +10%
March 2022 +16.5%
June 2022 +13%

So calculators at the ready, for every pre-increase £pound, the same £pound after various doses of compound interest is now £1.79, a collective rise of 79%! But before you think that your prospective work is going to be nearly double, this is just the material costs. Admittedly the cost of scaffolding has gone up twice as well in this two year period, however when it comes to the cost of my work, this hasn’t and will not change.

Though I don’t mind apologising, It’s totally out of our control and this is why you are going to be paying more for your Fascias and Soffits from now on, wherever you get them from.