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Taking time off ?

when having your Fascias & Soffit’s replaced by us…

If you are lucky enough to have work and have a part-or full-time job, then I’ve always said that when the time comes for us to work on your house, please do not book days or the week off and eat into your valuable holiday entitlement.

Save your holidays for this

holidays-abroad-300x180 Taking time off?

or even this

holiday-in-rainy-uk-300x201 Taking time off?

but not this!

Fascia-work-by-essex-fascias-300x213 Taking time off?

It is totally understandable that when you have, what in effect are total strangers working on what is normally your greatest asset, you would make some preparation to be around more than you would normally otherwise be.

I’m sure there are numerous instances every day of the customer who not being present at their property, are conned in some small way and equally deceptions on a much larger scale take place as well.

We have come across instances of such work, the most obvious in Fascia & Soffit’s being over-cladding sections of Roofline instead of replacing them and I would be the first to admit that its extremely difficult in the majority of cases to tell the difference when you are looking from ground level.

There is a saying in this business that high work isn’t hard work. This is because when you work out of the immediate reach of the customer, you can be a little lax, maybe cutting something slightly wrong and then using a mastic gun to address the error, knowing that the customer below has very little chance of noticing.

So why is Essex Fascias different?

Here’s the difference. Whereas so many people don’t know what they are getting – with us you will. You will know exactly what we are installing because we take the time and effort to explain it to you. It is likely we will leave some or all of our materials with you as five metre lengths of PVC do not always travel well so keeping to the shortest of journeys keeps them in tip top condition. This then gives our customer ample opportunity to inspect our material but even if we don’t leave anything at your property for whatever reason, we truly have nothing else to give you in your absence!

So back to the original message here and please don’t book any holiday days from work as these are meant for proper holidays and you will just get bored stuck indoors hearing us work.

With absolute commitment we aim to ensure that if you are away in the daytime, then you should expect to experience the wow factor every day when you return and the whole installation should be one whole positive experience from the very start to the very finish!