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LOVE ❤ Maldon



I recently bumped into a previous customer who asked where we were these days, stating that he always saw us around Stanway and around the wider Colchester area and hadn’t seen us for a good year. 

Essex-Fascias-Maldon-14 We love Maldon

Without thinking, I blurted out ‘Maldon – we’re always in Maldon’.

And its true, the more time we spend in Maldon, (when we pick up more work) the more time we spend in Maldon.

Essex-Fascias-Maldon-13-1 We love Maldon
ESSEX-FASCIAS-01206331316-38 We love Maldon

I’ve developed quite a penchant for working Maldon but not just anywhere in the area but particularly in the area south of the town starting at Morrisons and the B1018 and running a mile along the area known as Lime Brook…


There are potentially 100’s of homes built in the 1990’s and after, with most crying out in need of new Fascias, Bargeboard, Soffits and of course Guttering.

Essex-Fascias-Maldon-9 We love Maldon
Essex-Fascias-Maldon-5-1024x790-730x563 We love Maldon

Our greatest  complement ever!

We’ve had allsorts of complements over the years but this one was so innocent that it trumps most of the others

Essex-Fascias-Maldon-3-1024x778-729x553 We love Maldon



Our most recent customer was out walking her dog last week when she happened to meet a man who introduced himself and said that he knew where she lived, because hers was the house with the scaffolding. A bit taken aback, she asked him where he lived and when he replied that he lived locally, she further asked why was he so interested in hers. “Because you’re having your Fascias replaced” was the reply. “And by Essex Fascias as well” he added. Here’s the complement coming up. It turned out that he does Roofline as well and has done quite a few houses around the locality. “And is Essex Fascias a good choice” she further asked him…

Essex-Fascias-Maldon-4-979x1024-380x397 We love Maldon
Essex-Fascias-Maldon-6-1024x778-380x288 We love Maldon
2024-01-12-1024x762-380x282 We love Maldon
Essex-Fascias-Maldon-7-1024x551-380x204 We love Maldon
Essex-Fascias-Maldon-6-1024x778-380x288 We love Maldon
Essex-Fascias-Maldon-11-1024x445-380x165 We love Maldon

…and heres the reply… God yes, a really good choice, that guy Steve, he’s on a whole different level than anybody else, his work is just brilliant!