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Better than Everest?

Better than Everest?

One of our previous customers inherited a Everest Roofline installation when they moved house and looking past it’s best, gave us the job of replacing it. Viewed for the first time it actually didn’t look that bad, so the big question was… could we do better? Let’s see.

1-Essex-Fascias-01206-331316-1-1-1024x711-770x534 Better than Everest?

Most of us of a certain age will remember their TV adverts and slogan.

  Fit the best – fit Everest

and this is testament to their brilliant advertising campaign.

Main reason for the change was the accumulation of grime. This wasn’t helped by the profile used as this type of ‘ogee’ styling with it’s angles & curves just traps dirt & once built up is impossible to remove.

Interestingly, Everest still use this same profile today.

1-Essex-Fascias-01206-331316-2-1024x768-720x540 Better than Everest?

Amazingly on strip down we discover the fascia board installed is very thin and flexible, so weak in fact that it needs a wooden strengthener for support.

However, the soffit look’s decent enough 10mm & solid, just a shame someone had to thickly mastic it to the brick around the entire house – took us ages to scrape it all off!

1-Essex-Fascias-01206-331316-14-768x1024-520x693 Better than Everest?
1-Essex-Fascias-01206-331316-16-1-1024x677-550x363 Better than Everest?

To replace the felt edge, they have used a 3 in 1 product, an eaves-guard, that has a bird comb on top and an over fascia vent underneath.

Sounds good but using this product has it’s problems as it’s all or nothing. To explain this better, Essex Fascias use the same 3 items but as 3 individual products because almost invariably you need these fixed in all different positions.

1-Essex-Fascias-01206-331316-7-768x1024-520x693 Better than Everest?

Definitely NOT Best Practice.

It seems that the wooden strengthener is again used for support, nailed to the top of the barge-rafter. If you look closely you’ll see the almost standard application of clear mastic almost 10mm thick in places. All have to be removed before we proceed.

1-Essex-Fascias-01206-331316-9-768x1024-600x800 Better than Everest?

A right mess.

Don’t know where to start?

Only joking of course!

Why people hire us!

1-Essex-Fascias-01206-331316-4-1024x768-600x450 Better than Everest?

Taking shape nicely.

Here’s OUR fascia & soffit. It’s at least 10 times as good as the one we are replacing. No grooves to trap the dirt and just look at that ‘highly polished’ reflection!

1-Essex-Fascias-01206-331316-5-1024x768-600x450 Better than Everest?

Looking Good.

We’re perfectionists with our guttering.

Why people hire us!

1-Essex-Fascias-01206-331316-11-1024x768-600x450 Better than Everest?

Finishing off.

Box-ends cut perfectly & horizontal. Corners vertical. All fixings behind the trims.

1-Essex-Fascias-01206-331316-10-1024x768-600x450 Better than Everest?

We use the right equipment.

Health & Safety is top priority.

Why people hire us!

1-Essex-Fascias-01206-331316-12-1024x768-600x450 Better than Everest?


Bargeboards fitted. Nails neatly spaced. Perfectly cut.

and rather proud of it to be honest!

In summary

1-Essex-Fascias-01206-331316-1-1-1024x711-520x360 Better than Everest?
1-Essex-Fascias-01206-331316-13-1024x806-520x409 Better than Everest?

In Summary – Better than Everest?

We think we produced an excellent result usng superior roofline products along with our best practice methods which always generate a top result for each and every customer. Considering Everest may well quote you twice as much in the first place, it’s a fair to say you could save literally thousands of pounds by using our services.