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ef-logo-small Welcome to Essex Fascias

“Better is hard to describe but you know it when you see it”

“Better is hard to describe but you know it when you see it”

Since 1999

ef-logo-small Welcome to Essex Fascias

“Better is hard to describe but you know it when you see it”

“Better is hard to describe but you know it when you see it”

Since 1999

Typically half the price of
Everest, Anglian, Zenith and SEH-BAC!

Covid-19.update-1-500x303 Welcome to Essex Fascias

Welcome to Essex Fascias

My name is Steve Hollis and this is my professional business to transform the roof-line of your home!

Based in Colchester Essex, I offer a prompt, efficient  and easy to arrange service to replace your old Fascias, Soffits and Guttering. My emphasis is on quality products, great workmanship  and competitively priced services which are fully guaranteed.

When the time comes to replace the Fascias, Bargeboards, Soffits and Guttering on your home, you have a wide selection of people to call. From the larger companies to the smaller individual, your choice is extensive so how you make the right choice?

I started Essex Fascias way back in 1999 and it has been in existence for over twenty years. Previous customers have found getting it right comes down to 2 factors – who does the job and the quality of the materials used; nothing else really contributes. Choosing a larger company to undertake your work may give the impression of stability with maybe a brand’s reputation along with supposedly cast iron guarantees but again it makes little difference as everything relies on the skills of the team arriving to do the work.

Why choose Essex Fascias?

With years of experience, you can be assured that we are highly experienced to undertake the Fascia & Soffit replacement on your home.

We are installers not salesmen. There is no sales team and no hard sell.

We only ever use best practice techniques which consistently deliver excellent results on all of our installations!

We only ever use high quality materials.

No deposit is normally required.

Everything is properly planned.

All our work is guaranteed.

Contact us today

I would be delighted to take your call on  
01206 331316 0r 07711 608841
or please use our enquiry form.
Alternately email us at

Thank you for reading our introduction.

I hope I can demonstrate that we have the experience, ability and capacity to give you the very best result.

Steve Hollis

Essex Fascias – not to be confused with similar businesses using Essex and Fascias in their title & proud NOT to be on sites like Trust a Trader, Checkatrade and Rated People.

Proud of our 190+ 5 star reviews on and Google.

On September 30th 2019 we received our One Hundredth Five Star review.
Read more about this milestone moment and why reviews are important here.

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Essex Fascias at a glance

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Best Prices

We offer best prices which compare very favourably to all the larger companies
home-icon Welcome to Essex Fascias

Top Workmanship

We specialise only in high quality Fascia work fitted to the highest standard
home-icon Welcome to Essex Fascias

Free Quotations

Our quotations come in writing and are FREE and totally without obligation
home-icon Welcome to Essex Fascias

Our Portfolio

We have an extensive portfolio of previous work and letters of approval
home-icon Welcome to Essex Fascias

Easy To Arrange

Ours is an easy to arrange service with no salespeople and therefore no hard sell
home-icon Welcome to Essex Fascias

Best Products

We only install quality products that meet BS & Building Regulations
home-icon Welcome to Essex Fascias


We carry out all our own work; nothing is ever sub-contracted to others.
home-icon Welcome to Essex Fascias

Your Results

Using only Best Practises ensure you superb results, guaranteed every time

Your Roofline Quotation

The following elements are included and contribute to produce the very best Roofline installation.

  • A survey & risk assessment before your work commences.

  • Scaffolding (including labour) erected by our scaffolding company where necessary.

  • All portable access equipment and other access equipment.

  • All the required materials.

  • All our labour costs for the duration of the installation.

  • The complete removal & commercial disposal of all rubbish.

Your survey is the first key component to ensure the best result possible and we carry this out a few weeks before we begin work.

Unlike others who just turn up on the day, unsure of where to begin and in what order to do the job, we undertake a survey relevant to the work required. Even if we have worked on other similar houses in your road, your survey is unique to you and generates a schedule which then ensures your work goes smoothly and according to plan.

We always try to replicate the original style as keeping the character of your home can be important but we are also keen to listen to your views? You may want an extractor vent installed into the new soffit or low voltage downlights above your garage and these type of tasks can be incorporated into your work.

As part of your survey we also generate a risk assessment, looking at each part of the job, for correct access is most important. This careful planning allows us to carry out your work professionally without any issues.

We organise any scaffolding and our scaffolder erects this shortly before we start work.

Your Roofline Replacement

Although no two jobs are the same, the replacement of your Fascias are likely to be carried out in similiar steps below.

This is a typical example:

  • remove the existing timber Fascias, Soffits and the old rainwater system.

  • assess the condition of the rafter feet and all internal supporting woodwork.

  • replace all soffit battening and any other ancillary wooden fixing points.

  • accurately fit the correct size of new Fascia & Soffit using Stainless Steel fixings.

  • fit an essential fascia ventilation system conforming to building regulations.

  • replace the existing sarking felt edge with a flexible rot-proof lip.

  • install an under-tile guard to keep birds out – dependant on the tile type.

  • install a new rainwater system correctly – the colour & style of your choice.

  • carefully inspect and re-position the tiles back to their correct location.

  • finish closing up your roof dealing with any outstanding issues.

  • a final check and double check to make sure your home is fully waterproof.

Finally, all the rubbish generated from your installation is removed from your property and everything is left clean and tidy with any scaffolding being promptly removed afterwards.
Product Information
Our Fascia Board

Our Fascia board is the ultimate roofline replacement product. Manufactured from PVC-u, it’s a Robust Premium-Quality ‘A’ Grade board, 18mm thick designed for full replacement applications. It’s attractive – the best finish on the market!

Always ensure you always view a sample of the fascia board that somebody is proposing to install on your property. Look at the thickness – it should be at least 16mm, try and flex it whilst weighing it in your hands. You might not be an expert in PVC-u but the board normally needs to support the weight of the roof tiles above, so try to get a feel of it and ask yourself, does this board feel rigid and durable and thus, is it going to do the job? You will be amazed how accurate your assessment will be! Never accept thinner cheaper boards as these cannot support weight and will after a while look twisted and uneven.

Many cheaper plastics are not properly UV stabilised and although start off as white, change colour to cream and onwards to the yellow colour palate. Our Fascia board manufacturer guarantees their product in addition to our guarantee giving you total peace of mind.

Back in 2003 we carried out some ‘in house’ testing to determine performance and colour stability, with boards undergoing ultra-violet exposure to simulate the ageing process. Since then our customers have all benefited from our products and viewing these houses today leaves you in no doubt of the quality of these materials.

Our Soffit Board

Our Soffit boards reflect the quality and finish that is inherent in our Fascia board range.

Essex Fascias only supply and fit Grade ‘A’ solid Soffits for most upper work and tongue & groove Soffit boarding for application to larger areas such as porches etc.

10mm solid construction. [cellular tongue & groove option for larger area applications].

Rain-Water Systems

Choose from three styles of guttering to go with your colour choice of Fascias and Soffits. From 1999 when we started in business we have chosen to use FloPlast rainwater products as we are impressed by the accuracy of the moulding and the high gloss finish. FloPlast manufacture high impact PVC-u guttering in Traditional Half Round & Square Line along with a Hi capacity round profile together with a wide range of fittings & adaptors. Central to any gutter performance is the seal, the FloPlast systems incorporate a wide substantial seal which we believe can only enhance and lengthen the performance of the product.

halfround-guttering-from-Essex-Fascias-Colchester-07711-608841 Welcome to Essex Fascias

square-guttering-from-Essex-Fascias-Colchester-07711-608841 Welcome to Essex Fascias hi-capacity-guttering-from-Essex-Fascias-Colchester-07711-608841 Welcome to Essex Fascias

Fascia ventilation system

Allowing air to circulate through the roof space of your property reduces the build up of condensation which can otherwise cause mould and damp conditions. Although not law, building regulations dictate that a ventilation system is implemented to increase the airflow through the roof space.
However vents in soffits generally form a place for dust, detritus and cobwebs to form and are notoriously difficult for customers to clean and look just plain ugly.
So instead of offering vented soffits we choose to vent our fascias instead. We achieve this using a premium ventilation system, which fully conforms to all regulation and is totally maintenance free. It’s also totally obscured from view thus avoiding the visual encumbrance of black areas along the bottom of the soffit.

Vermin Guard

Undesirable visitors frequent the outer edges of your loft – gaining entry underneath the tiles. Depending on your tile type, we use a vermin or bird guard, which fits between the top of the fascia board and the underneath of the tiles stopping the entry of birds and other creatures.


We only use the highest quality of fixings and fix our Fascia & Soffit boards with special A4 Marine Grade stainless steel fixings. This stops rust staining from rain reacting with normal pins that some others use to fix boards.

Request A Free Quotation

Contact us today.
We would be delighted to take your call on  01206 331316 or 07711 608841 or please use our contact form below. Alternately email us at thankyou.

Please note: If you have Soffit’s or Guttering made from Asbestos cement, then due to increased regulation, we regret to inform you that we will unable to quote for your work or indeed carry out the removal of these materials.