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Anthracite Delight

Changing the Roofline on this truly good looking and unique family home in picturesque Coggeshall.

This lovely family called me to look at their attractive & appealing family home and the first question I had to ask is – had they seen my notice on the front of this website and heard my message on my mobile, both proclaiming we were snowed under and were not taking on anymore work – Had they seen or heard it? – and loved the reply I got which was YES BUT WE IGNORED IT… It’s nice to be wanted and I had no hesitation in taking on this job.

At first our customer wanted the replacement in white but I just happened to have a sample of our new Anthracite Grey Fascia board and once they had seen this, there was no going back. After a longer than usual measure, moving round to the rear of the property, I happened to come across a beautiful array of Anthracite Bi-fold doors which were going to be very complementary to the planned Fascias & Soffit’s. So one accepted quotation later and the date was set to start.

IMG_3838-1 Anthracite delight
IMG_5729-1024x332-1160x315 Anthracite delight

This house had plywood Soffits and although they were quite thick and should have been ok…

IMG_5734-768x1024-500x739 Anthracite delight

It obviously wasn’t marine grade or even exterior ply, for it had warped and distorted quite badly.

IMG_5736-1024x768-500x280 Anthracite delight

The Soffit had been fixed in position with a nail gun, firing nails that were too short, which meant that it was only ever going to have a limited life.

IMG_5897-1024x768-500x375 Anthracite delight

Removing the Bargeboards one bit at a time – essential to keeping this plain tile verge [edge] in perfect condition.

IMG_5927-1-1024x768-500x280 Anthracite delight

It took us about 3/4 of an hour to just remove this one piece.

IMG_5740-1024x768-500x375 Anthracite delight

Much better alignment with the new Anthracite Grey Fascia & Soffit

IMG_597-1024x768-500x375 Anthracite delight

One pair of Bargeboards completed!

IMG_5971-1024x768-992x665 Anthracite delight

Can you see where we have used silicon mastic in this picture?

IMG_5972-1024x768-500x280 Anthracite delight

No? Take a closer look…
There is no mastic, just a perfectly cut Bargeboard and Box- End

IMG_5998-768x1024-992x665 Anthracite delight

As you can see here, the Garage verge was in much poorer condition and had to be rebuilt. I also filmed a short video which I often do, to show our customers issues that we encounter in case they are not fully aware of, however on this occasion it was not needed, but I thought I would post it on here

And that’s it I think!

IMG_6527-1024x768-500x280 Anthracite delight

Garage – finished!

IMG_1353-992x665 Anthracite delight

Kept our Scaffolder  – DTE Scaffolding busy for a few days…

IMG_5759-1024x768-400x300 Anthracite delight

You don’t get much better views than an English country garden!

IMG_6523-1024x627-992x665 Anthracite delight


IMG_6515-1024x768-400x300 Anthracite delight

And 2 Five Star reviews on Google and Thankyou – They are very much appreciated!

IMG_6514-1-1024x768-992x665 Anthracite delight
IMG_6513-1024x768-500x280 Anthracite delight
IMG_597 Anthracite delight