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Moulsham Lodge

Recent Work in Moulsham Lodge
Moulsham-Lodge-1024x602-1158x556 Moulsham Lodge

Just recently have completed another Fascia installation in Heath Drive which is in the Moulsham Lodge area of Chelmsford. 

Since moving from Chelmsford to Colchester, we don’t get asked to work there as much as we used to but it was nice to be back there for a short time. We have changed the Fascias & Soffit’s on quite a few houses there in the neighbourhood over the years so suddenly decided to look up exactly how many and WOW yes there is quite a few. So keeping to a very small area, namely just to semi circler Heath Drive and the three roads that connect to it, namely Juniper, Alder and Maple Drive with the two Cul-de-sac’s in those roads Arbutus & Sylvan Close, thought I would list them out below.

Houses in Heath Drive
33,35,43,48,80,89 and 94.

Houses in Alder Drive
10,16,18,19,21,22,23,and 38.

Houses in Juniper Drive
30,37,41,49 and 51.

Houses in Maple Drive
32,33 and 49.

Houses in Arbutus Close
1,3,5 and 6.

Houses in Sylvan Close
1,2,6,7,11 and 12.  

Total new roofline installations 58

ESSEX-FASCIAS-COLCHESTER-01206-331316-273-1024x768-480x510 Moulsham Lodge