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Anatomy of a Box-end

Best in the business?

What are Box-ends and are they important on the modern house. What is their purpose and does it really matter what they look like?

All will be revealed in what could be one of the most boring subjects known to mankind!

IMG_0349-1024x768-770x577 Anatomy of a Box-end

The purpose of a box-end is to neatly span the gap and join the very end of a Fascia, Soffit and Guttering run with the bottom of most Bargeboards or gable ends. Bargeboards and gable ends for the purposes of this article are the same thing. Where the gable end is just cemented with a line of mortar between the roof tile and strips of cement board with no wooden or PVC-u board at all, is called a dry verge. Where this exists, there is usually still a smaller box-end and this gives the corners of the roofline a neat finish.

IMG_0352-768x1024-634x692 Anatomy of a Box-end

So with their purpose revealed, does it really matter what they look like?  

IMG_3233-770x577 Anatomy of a Box-end

In a survey if you asked 100 other Roofline companies this question, you may well get a different answer to ours below because if they say anything other than these are by far and by far far again the most important parts of a Roofline installation, they just cannot be as conscious as ESSEX FASCIAS is at delivering all the fine and even finer detail when working on your home.

IMG_5974-1024x768-770x577 Anatomy of a Box-end

Oh yes, and our box-ends never fall off!
How can you tell?

ESSEX-FASCIAS-picture-of-the-week-768x1024-770x1026 Anatomy of a Box-end

Would you like these
             on your home?                      

2-1024x766-770x576 Anatomy of a Box-end
ESSEX-FASCIAS-01206331316-71-770x516 Anatomy of a Box-end

Started off with good intentions but nothing’s really right about these pair, especially when the corners are attached and are too long – just one more cut and the bottom might have been level.

IMG_4363-550x332 Anatomy of a Box-end
IMG_4299-1-520x390 Anatomy of a Box-end

Getting better but the box-end trims are nailed in position and are crooked.

Leaves a lot to be desired. 

One of the nicest couples in Langenhoe watched as we changed the Roofline on – it seemed at the time – all their neighbours homes over twenty years, because they had theirs changed to the standard in this picture!

However it all ends happlily as we added them to our portfolio and they became one of our 5 star reviewers

IMG_20191126_125847-1024x768-600x450 Anatomy of a Box-end
IMG_20181012_160333-600x450 Anatomy of a Box-end

Taking shape nicely.

Except that box-ends should be cut out of one piece of board, not three pieces joined together!

Best-bad-work-picture-ever Anatomy of a Box-end

My absolute favourite box-end board picture of all time which I found online from one of our competitors website, showing how it should be done? Except err… that’s not right either is it – forgot to bring the spirit level that day?


Why people hire us!

1-Essex-Fascias-01206-331316-11-1024x768-600x450 Anatomy of a Box-end


Box-ends cut perfectly horizontal.

IMG_5972-1024x768-600x450 Anatomy of a Box-end


Box-ends corners perfectly vertical.


Anthracite-Dormer-from-Essex-Fascias-Colchester-07711-608841-1024x768-600x450 Anatomy of a Box-end

All fixings behind the trims.

No mastic