Bad Fascia Workmanship

I created this page during the lock-down. Just in the last few weeks alone, we’ve come across some bad examples of well… how NOT to install Fascias, Soffit’s & Guttering. There’s an old saying – high work isn’t hard work. That’s because it can be difficult for the customer to clearly see the quality of work up high and it’s almost guaranteed that as you look up, the sun will be shining in your eyes – which won’t help either.

It’s amazing what people will pay money for but joking aside, using our services will ensure that you don’t pay good money for the examples below…

  • IMG_20191126_125833-1024x768-700x525 Bad Fascia Work
    Lacking support from a gutter bracket needed at the end.
  • IMG_20191126_125847-1024x768-700x525 Bad Fascia Work
    My Favourite! You don’t get a box-end much worse than this!
  • IMG_20191126_125921-1024x768-700x525 Bad Fascia Work
    Who needs the correct width Soffit anyway!
  • IMG_20191126_125937-1024x768-700x525 Bad Fascia Work
    Bit joined on the end – looked impressive!
  • IMG_20191126_133415-1024x768-700x525 Bad Fascia Work
    Water does flow up hill – doesn’t it?
  • IMG_20200206_092241-1-1024x768-700x525 Bad Fascia Work
    Taken from our Everest Installation page. Where do you start?
  • BAD-WORK-1024x768-700x525 Bad Fascia Work
    Award winning pipework
  • BAD-WORK-3-1024x836-700x571 Bad Fascia Work
    Nice window cutouts
  • BAD-WORK-1-1024x836-700x571 Bad Fascia Work
    Bad bad boxends – and they had more than a few!