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Our Fascia Board

Reading specifications could be rather boring but use our Fascia board and you will be pleased you did!

Our Fascias and Soffits are available in Brilliant White, Rosewood, Black Ash and now Anthracite Grey.

Our fascia board is a top performing strong, rigid PVC-U board manufactured with a high gloss blemish free surface which does not require any backing board for support, making it the ideal choice for our total replacement work.

It’s impermeable outer skin and closed cell composition provide year round protection from both the weather and insect infestation. It is unaffected by moisture, will not rot, warp, crack or erode and is resistant to acids, alkalis, seawater and atmospheric pollution and will never require painting or any other protective treatment.

Our Fascia & Soffit boards are not easily ignitable, do not burn freely and outperform timber in fire, in accordance to BS 476-7: 1997 and being thermally efficient, add to the thermal efficiency of your home.

There is a saying in home improvements and that is – start with the roof and work downwards. If your roof is in good condition – and most are, then getting Essex Fascias to replace your Fascias, Soffits & Guttering truly offers you a complete low maintenance solution for your home. Why low maintenance and not maintenance free like others claim. The answer lies in the fact that although maintenance free, any exterior product will accumulate dirt but to maintain an as new surface appearance, all it needs is occasional washing with a non-scratch mild detergent and water.


A recent trend has appeared over the last few years, in which most roofline businesses, do not show their customers the fascia board they fit or indeed any of the products they install. This then allows them freedom to fit the cheapest Fascia & Soffit boards, with the absolute minimum, missing out certain components that contribute to a better install. Read more about this and how not to let it happen to you, in our article “Not all Quotations are equal”, here!

We are proud of our Fascia board – samples always available.